mardi 22 février 2011

Learn English Prepositions and Verbs

apologise for something"She apologised for being late."
ask someone to do something"She asked him to do the shopping for her."
ask someone for something"She asked her boss for a day off."
believe in"I believe in hard work."
belong to"This pen belongs to me."
blame someone for doing something"He blamed her for driving too fast."
blame something on someone"He blamed the accident on her."
borrow something from someone"He borrowed some money from the bank."
care about something"I don't care about money."
care for someone"She really cares for her grandmother."
take care of something / someone"Please take care of yourself on holiday."
complain to someone (about something)"He complained to her about the food."
concentrate on something"The student concentrated on her homework."
congratulate someone on doing something"He congratulated her on passing her exam."
consist of something"The department consists of five people."
depend on someone"She depended on her friends for support."

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